Education System in Nepal - An Overview

The Ministry of Education is the apex body of Government of Nepal for Education Administration in the country. The Ministry prepares policies and implements them across various agencies. Further, Level Agencies (CLA's) are responsible for execution and implementation of Educational plans. Under CLA's, there are seventy-five District Education Offices (DEO's) and 1,091 Resource Centres (RC's) at local levels.

 Literacy rate in Nepal is approximately 50%, wherein the male literacy rate is higher when compared to the female rate of literacy. According to National Educational Budget 2006, the Government budget on Educational spending was $98.64 million.

The Education System in Nepal is mainly divided over two segments namely,  School Education and Higher Education. Schooling facilities are readily available in Nepal, Moreover, in major towns and cities both Government and Private Schools are important. Universities like Tribhuvan University are considered leading institutions of Nepal for Higher Education. In city centers one can find many institutes of Higher Education for several academic disciplines such as, Humanities, Sciences, Law, Management, Engineering, Medicine etc. Furthermore, according to one report published by the Institute of International Education (IIE), Nepal Ranks 11th Among the Leading Countries of Origin for International Student in the United States of America.
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